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Ace's Team Custom Home Builder in Huntsville Texas

Meet The Team

Jason Strange

Co-Founder, Home Designer,

& Client Relations

Chad Strange

Co-Founder, Construction Manager

Dana Wallace

Interior Designer

"Ace's was started with nothing but a toolbox and a Ford pickup"

Since 2004 we have been putting our heart and soul into making our customer's dreams come true. We have grown a lot since our first build, but our approach hasn't changed. We are led by hard work, honesty and putting the customer first at all times. Your home is the anchor of your life. We fully appreciate the trust and responsibility our customers put in us to make the home of their dreams - it's why we love what we do. Reach out today to see if we are a good fit for your next home or commercial project. 

The Ace's Story

Ace’s Custom Builds was established on May 13, 2004. It was founded on the faith of a dream that God put in the hearts of two Strange brothers.

The ‘Dream Team’ is made up of two brothers, packed with more talent, heart, and drive, that were raised and to have strong Godly values know that with hard work and honesty comes success. On a leap of faith, with the mindset of the only way Ace’s wouldn’t work, is if they didn’t work hard enough for it. Literally coming from nothing, they loaded up their tools in the back of a Ford pickup truck and went to work. God has truly blessed Ace’s from the first job until today and they have had the pleasure of making so many customers dreams come true.

Their first job was The Texas Nut House, a beautiful rustic country store located in the small town of New Waverly, Texas. With no building plans, only one picture off an old Christmas popcorn can, the two brothers went to work bringing it to life. From there, “You dream it and we can build it; Big or Small Ace’s can build it all” was formed. Jason and Chad pride themselves on their amazing work ethic and demand for perfection in every project. It shows true time and time again in all their builds. Everything from beautiful wedding venues, resort retreats, custom horse barns, workshops, commercial buildings, tiny homes to metal mansions there isn’t anything Ace’s can’t build. Their love of mixing woods and metals together creates these beautiful custom maintenance free masterpieces, which sets them out front of their competition.

What makes Ace’s so special, is Jason ability to take a dream of ideas that a customer provides and puts the vision on paper, then for Chad’s genus construction skills to turn that drawing into a work of art. From the dirt to the door knobs, they stand beside every customer, always providing first class craftsmanship.

We at Ace’s pray that in every build, God will give you an abundance of joy and peace to start this new chapter in life and that so many memories are made, it will last a lifetime.

Photography by Austin Photographer Andrew Bennett

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