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Custom Commercial Builder in Huntsville, TX

Below is a gallery of selected commercial builds. Reach out today if you are in the market for a new commercial building or shop. 

Custom Home Builder in Huntsville Walker County Aces Jason Strange

How to choose the right builder when building a commercial property?

Ace's is the premier commercial builder in the Huntsville, Texas area, bringing over two decades of unwavering expertise to the table. Since its establishment in 2004, Ace's has been synonymous with excellence in constructing metal commercial buildings. What sets us apart is our comprehensive understanding of the entire construction process, from dirt to doorknobs.

At the heart of our commitment to excellence is co-founder Jason Strange, who personally invests in your project. Jason's dedication goes beyond a mere administrative role; he takes the time to draw out your floor plan and manages the construction on-site. This hands-on approach ensures that every detail aligns with your vision, fostering a level of attention and customization that few can match.

Communication is the cornerstone of our client-centric philosophy. From the project's inception to its completion, Ace's prioritizes staying connected with you. Unlike other construction firms, we understand the value of transparency and accessibility. When you choose Ace's, you're not just hiring a construction company; you're gaining a partner who is just a phone call away, ready to address your concerns and keep you informed at every step of the way.

What truly sets Ace's apart is our commitment to being a custom builder. Your dreams are the blueprint for our projects. Whether you envision a cutting-edge industrial facility or a stylish office space, Ace's has the expertise to transform your ideas into reality. Our versatility and dedication to bringing your unique vision to life make us the ideal choice for businesses seeking a construction partner that goes above and beyond the ordinary.

In essence, Ace's is not merely a construction company; we are your trusted ally in turning your commercial construction dreams into a tangible, customized reality. With a history of excellence spanning two decades and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Ace's stands as the go-to choice for those commercial construction projects.

Benefits to Building a Metal Commercial Building in Huntsville, Texas

Building a commercial structure with a metal frame offers several advantages that make it an increasingly popular choice among builders and business owners. Here are some key benefits of constructing a metal frame commercial building:

Durability and Longevity: Metal frames are renowned for their durability and resilience. They can withstand extreme weather conditions, including high winds, heavy snow loads, and seismic activity. This durability translates to a longer lifespan for the building, reducing maintenance costs over time.


Cost-Efficiency: Metal construction is often more cost-effective than traditional building materials. The speed of construction, reduced labor requirements, and the ease of handling metal components contribute to overall cost savings. Additionally, metal structures are less susceptible to damage from pests, reducing the need for costly repairs.


Design Flexibility: Metal frames offer design flexibility, allowing for wide-open spaces and versatile floor plans. This flexibility is especially advantageous for commercial buildings with specific layout requirements, enabling efficient use of space and customization to suit the business's needs.


Energy Efficiency: Metal buildings can be designed with energy efficiency in mind. Proper insulation and reflective roofing materials help regulate indoor temperatures, reducing heating and cooling costs. Additionally, metal structures are often more airtight, minimizing energy loss.


Quick Construction Time: Metal buildings can be erected faster than traditional structures, leading to shorter construction timelines. The prefabrication of metal components allows for efficient on-site assembly, which is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to open or expand quickly.


Low Maintenance: Metal structures typically require less maintenance than buildings constructed with other materials. Metal is resistant to rot, mold, and pests, reducing the need for frequent repairs. This low-maintenance quality is particularly advantageous for busy commercial property owners.


Environmental Sustainability: Metal is a recyclable material, making metal frame construction environmentally friendly. Many metal components used in construction can be recycled at the end of the building's life, contributing to sustainability goals.


Fire Resistance: Metal is inherently fire-resistant, providing an added layer of safety for commercial buildings. This quality can be crucial in industries where fire safety is a primary concern.

In summary, building a commercial structure with a metal frame offers a compelling combination of durability, cost-efficiency, design flexibility, and sustainability. These benefits make metal construction an attractive option for a wide range of businesses seeking a reliable and efficient building solution.

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