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The Resurgence of Wallpaper: A Stylish Option for Your Metal Home

Updated: May 24

If you've looked at a design magazine, scrolled Pinterest for interior design ideas, or have been to a new restaurant, hotel or home lately, you might have noticed the use of wallpaper. In the always changing world of interior design, trends come and go, and sometimes, what was once considered outdated makes a triumphant return. One such revival that has caught the attention of in-house interior designer Dana Wallace, at Ace's Custom Builds, as well as homeowners nearly everywhere, is the resurgence of wallpaper. This post explores the reasons behind the renewed popularity of wallpaper and how it has become a stylish choice for a modern interior in a custom built barndominium in Huntsville, Texas.

Dana Wallace has some quick tips when choosing wallpaper. First off, the size of the room matters. A larger room needs a larger pattern and a smaller room as small pattern. A small pattern in a large room just looks too busy. Secondly, buy a roll of wall paper you like, tape it your wall and leave it for a few days. Look at it in different lights and see if you love it. Wallpaper can be a pain to take off so you want to make sure you love it. Another option is stick and peel wallpaper. Use stick and peel if you're not sure you're going to love the wallpaper forever or want it for very long.

The nostalgic charm of wallpaper, a blast from the past, reimagined on your metal home's walls.

Wallpaper has a rich history, dating back to the Renaissance era. Its popularity soared during the Victorian era and continued through the mid-20th century. The recent resurgence taps into the nostalgic charm of yesteryears, bringing back memories of vintage patterns and elaborate designs. Designers are reimagining classic wallpaper patterns, giving them a contemporary twist. The marriage of traditional designs with modern color palettes and textures appeals to those who seek a balance between nostalgia and current design sensibilities and immediately gives your custom metal home an elevated look.

Is wallpaper versatile in design?

Unlike paint, wallpaper offers an extensive range of design possibilities. From intricate patterns to bold graphics, textured finishes to metallic accents, wallpaper allows homeowners to express their creativity and make a bold statement in any room of their barndominium. Another option is to start small by wallpapering inside book shelves to give a pop of color. You don't need an entire wall of decorative paper to give your room a subtle taste of style.

The rise of mural wallpapers and customizable designs has opened up new avenues for personalization. Homeowners can now turn their walls into works of art, reflecting their individual tastes and interests. When custom building a home with Ace's, Dana Wallace can walk you through the debate of wallpaper and where to install it during the construction process. General contractor Jason Strange created Ace's Custom Builds to walk with you from start to finish when constructing your dream new metal home, including the interior design process.

Is wallpaper easy to install and remove?

The introduction of peel-and-stick wallpaper has revolutionized the installation process. No longer a cumbersome task, homeowners can easily apply wallpaper without the need for glue or professional assistance. This DIY-friendly approach has contributed to the widespread adoption of wallpaper.

As Dana mentioned, peel-and-stick wallpaper is not just easy to install; it's also easy to remove. This makes it an ideal choice for those who love to change their interiors frequently or renters who want to personalize their space without making permanent alterations. Wall paper is a perfect temporary style option for your metal home should you like to change things up on occasion.

Why choose wallpaper for your barndominium?

Wallpaper doesn't just offer a visual impact; it can also add texture and dimension to flat walls inside your barndo. Textured wallpapers, such as grasscloth or embossed patterns, create a tactile experience that goes beyond a simple coat of paint. The use of wallpaper can really bring out personality in a room's decor, taking your bardominium to the next level stylistically while also making your metal home feel more like an extension of you.

Wallpaper can convincingly mimic various materials like wood, brick, or stone. This allows homeowners to achieve the look of expensive finishes without the cost and maintenance associated with the real materials.

Is wallpaper environmentally friendly?

With an increasing emphasis on sustainability in design, eco-friendly wallpaper options have gained popularity. Many manufacturers now produce wallpapers using recycled materials, water-based inks, and sustainable practices, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. Be conscious of choosing non-toxic wallpaper to keep your metal home safe from potential hazards.

Quality wallpaper, when properly installed and cared for, can have a longer lifespan than a painted wall. This durability not only contributes to its sustainability but also provides a cost-effective option for your custom built home in the long run.

How do I use wallpaper as a statement piece in my metal home?

Homeowners are increasingly using wallpaper to create statement feature walls. A bold pattern or mural on a single wall can instantly transform the entire room, serving as a focal point and conversation starter. Wallpaper allows for a level of personal expression that goes beyond what paint can achieve. Whether it's a vibrant floral pattern in a bedroom or a geometric design in a home office, wallpaper enables individuals to infuse the spaces of their metal home with personality.

The boundary between art and interior decor is becoming increasingly blurred with the rise of artistic wallpapers. These aren't just coverings for walls; they are pieces of art that can evoke emotions and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room. Many wallpaper manufacturers are collaborating with renowned artists and designers to create limited-edition collections. This intersection of art and design brings unique and exclusive pieces into the homes of those who appreciate the convergence of creativity and functionality. This can have a way of really leveling up the metal home's interior.

Not sure about using wallpaper in your barndo?

If you're new to wallpaper, consider starting with a small space, such as a powder room or an accent wall. This allows you to experiment with patterns and textures without overwhelming the entire space within your custom built metal home.

Different rooms have different vibes. Choose wallpapers that align with the purpose of the room. For example, calming patterns for bedrooms, vibrant designs for living rooms, and creative motifs for home offices. I have seen many a friend's bathroom wallpapered with bright floral or animal prints these days, taking a boring bathroom to a fun, inspiring little space.

Ensure a harmonious balance by coordinating the wallpaper with existing furniture, accessories, and other design elements. This prevents the space from feeling disjointed and allows the wallpaper to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Always test a sample.

Just like paint, it's crucial to test wallpaper samples before committing to a full installation. Consider how the pattern and color look in different lighting conditions and how they interact with other elements in the room such as furniture and flooring. This blog post on choosing a paint color for your barndominium has tips for testing against lighting and other elements that factor into the vibe you're going for in a room. If you need any assistance please contact Ace's Custom Builds experienced interior designer Dana Wallace. Why not embrace the wallpaper renaissance and let your walls tell a story of style and sophistication?

Dana Wallace, Ace's Custom Builds interior designer.
Dana Wallace, in-house interior designer at Ace's Custom Builds.

Embrace the Wallpaper Renaissance in Your Metal Home

  • The resurgence of wallpaper is a testament to the cyclical nature of design trends.

  • Homeowners are rediscovering the versatility, ease of installation, and expressive potential that wallpaper brings to interior spaces within a barndominium.

  • Whether you opt for a classic pattern, a bold mural, or a textured finish, wallpaper allows you to transform your metal home into a personalized and visually stunning haven.


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